Monday, 13 March 2017

Less known dishes in India that you must try?

India is a concoction of various races, cultures and traditions, and of, course food. Pretty sure we all know quite a lot about the common Indian food, which are readily available at any Indian restaurant in the world. The fact is there are certain dishes that make it to the top dish in their regional cuisine, but we haven’t even heard their names. They are delicious and mouth-watering, relished by most households in every state in India. These preparations are made with a variety of ingredients, some that are always there at home, and some that might be slightly difficult to get hold of.

These dishes could be from the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. They could also be from the “Seven Sister States,” Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, and Mizoram. Or, they could be from the northern and western parts of the nation. Wherever they may have originated, let’s take a break from the same old biryanis, tandoori chicken and parathas and get familiar with these lesser known dishes which also come under the wide Indian cuisine...
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North eastern style tribal delight
Many are unaware of North Eastern tribal cuisine, but it's delicious. "I hope it comes onto restaurant menus here," smiles Assamese food evangelist Gitika Saikia. "I did a pop-up in New York and it was sold out." This food uses locally-grown herbs like maan dhoniya(coriander). Dishes include pork with bamboo shoot which is had at weddings kolkolia maas or fish in black sesame and aaitar. "This translates into grandma's dessert, though in the North East we have no concept of dessert after meals. Instead, you get tea and pitha (rice cakes)," she says
Himachali fare

The next time you try a pop up, opt for Himachali cuisine. Says home chef from Shimla, Sherry Malhotra, who has been dishing it up. "The food has influences of Kashmir, Punjab and Tibet, so you will see a lot of yoghurt, dairy and lentils in it." One of the most popular dishes includes chana madra, prepared during feasts. "This is a yoghurt gravy with chickpeas, jackfruit and spices. Other popular comfort foods includes sepu vadi — a spinach-based gravy eaten with babru — a fermented roti and turkiya bhaat, which is in essence, the Himachali pulao. "You must also try the char meat, a smoked preparation, prepared in a chulha in villages. The meals end with khus khus-makhane(lotus flowers)ki kheer," she informs..

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